Token Details

Token Distribution

20,000,000 Locked
8,300,000 Private Presale
6,250,000 Staking Rewards
4,500,000 Seeding Rounds
3,250,000 Airdrops
2,700,000 Liquidity

Transaction Tax

3% Marketing
3% Development
2% Unique Buy Back
1% Deflationary Burn
1% Record Deal Winner Fund
3% Marketing

This is our largest tax for a reason. An incredible amount of marketing needs to be done to reach musicians and bands from around the world. We also need to maintain a constant heavy presence within the crypto space from the moment we launch right up until the day the talent show goes live! You can expect to see us everywhere, every day, with no exceptions!

3% Development

Perhaps one of the most important taxes. This tax funds the development of the talent show website, metaverse and our NFT platform!

2% Unique buy back

We manually control our buy back funds to ensure they are used at the best time to benefit the coin. Rather then send all the buyback coins to a burn address, we will pair them with BUSD adding them back into the liquidity of the coin. Having a large number of coins in a stable coin liquidity pair will protect the coins price against fluctuation when the price of BNB varies

1% Deflationary Burn

Our burn works differently to most coins. We burn our tokens by completely removing them from supply rather than sending them to a dead address. This constantly decreases the liquidity to market cap ratio and therefore increases the individual price of each token. This tokenomic will constantly increase the price of any coins you hold with every single transaction

1% Record Deal Winner Fund

This transaction tax is sent directly to the mind music fund. The mind music fund is used to pay for any recordings and associated costs with releasing the record for the show winner. The mind music fund will also pay the large cash prize to the winner of the contest.