Enter the MetaVerse and watch performances as they air live during the Talent Verse seasons.

Experience being part of the audience as you watch musicians from around the world perform and compete. Just enjoy the show and purchase Talent Coins to interact with the MetaVerse.

During the show you can express yourself through your avatar. You can clap, cheer, dance and listen to how the rest of the audience reacts. Let your avatar show your reactions through emoji selection and see the facial expressions of the people around you. Enhance your avatar and stand out by buying additional emojis, dances, clothing, accessories and more through our NFTs platform.

Use your Talent Coins to cast your votes for the next worldwide musical sensation Dozens of contestants will complete and 1000’s will apply for the chance of a record deal and a large cash prize. You, the audience, will select the winner through your votes. You can also bet Talent Coins on your favourite musicians. Follow the odds, hedge your bets, and win Talent Coins if your musician wins! Talent coins are the currency of the talent verse and will have multiple uses